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About Us

Magnus ab integro saeclorum nascitur ordo.
“The great order of the ages is born afresh” (“Bucolics”, Virgil).

Since its foundation, our company’s purpose has been the same: to rediscover and make known/promote the millenary traditions of our country, Sardinia, reinterpreted with an international flair. The result is the encounter between Sardinian colours and flavours and other cultures, which provides an exotic touch to our recipes. Our preserves, our creams and our sauces are made using fresh, selected raw materials, that comes daily from our supply chains. The strict control of the ingredients guarantees high quality products.

Since its foundation, our company promotes the enhancement of the differences and gender equality. It is for this reason that women represent the majority of our staff.

Every day we put all our efforts into respecting the environment and its resources. During the production process we minimize food wastage as much as possible: the parts of the raw material that are not used in a process are the main ingredients of another recipe.

Our Values

Our company is based on few but essential principles: a combination of tradition and innovation, the search for excellence, renewed attention to social and environmental sustainability.